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ABELDent LS Fee Guide Updates

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These Fee Update utilities are only required for ABELDent LS users. ABELDent Cloud and ABELDent Local+ has an area of the program available to allow you to complete the Fee Update. Click here to see how to Instal Fee Guides on ABELDent Cloud or Local+.

Special Note Regarding Services Codes with Fee Ranges

Any fee guides provided are subject to the terms and conditions applied by the issuing Organization. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the conditions for use. As required by the ODA fee guide licensing agreement, ABELDent defaults the fee for procedures with a range of fees to the minimum fee in the range. If you would like more information on this requirement, please contact Barb Morrow at

Fee Guide Updates are available for download. You may download both the instructions as well as the actual Fee Guide Update. The Fee guide update must be installed on your server, therefore, it is best to perform the download on the actual server machine; if downloading to another computer, you will have to copy the executable file to the server machine before installing.


Fee Guides are only available to Software Update Maintenance subscribers. Please login to access the downloads, if your Software Update Maintenance has expired please contact our Sales team for information on renewing your agreement to take advantage of all of the additional benefits.

Contact Sales:

Phone: Toll Free: 800-267-ABEL (2235) Dial extension 1